A sneak peek at what Microgaming fans have to look forward too

Microgaming as a developer have certainly had a year to remember, making several online casino players dreams come true through some seriously exciting releases. But if anyone has learned anything about Microgaming it is a company that certainly doesn’t rest on its laurels, because as a brand they are always looking to the future. As 2015 draws to a close, its clear that Microgaming are back at work gearing up for a massive 2016. If you play at a casino online that is backed by Microgaming, or simply a fan of the developer in general, here is sneak peek at what you have to look forward too. If you are yet to discover this popular game developer, Vipcasino.nu can assist you in locating an online casino that includes Microgaming in their game selection.


Microgaming may have released some all-action online casino games during 2015, but it looks like they want to end the year on a calmer note. Serenity is a game that is based all around karma and Asian good fortune. From the video previews shown it is already obvious that this game is a true departure from what Microgaming usually create. Set against a forest driven backdrop and immersed within some to truly tranquil audio effects, Serenity is certainly a calming online casino game experience. From a prize perspective it also looks to be mightily impressive, as the 5-reel title delivers a top prize of 120,000 coins – Something to dream about when playing casino online!

Lucky Twins

The way things stand Asia is the theme of the moment, with Serenity not the only Microgaming title to feature such fragrances. Lucky Twins also brings plenty of Asian influences through the lucky charms of the Far East. With the game featuring Meneki Neko, coin pouches, and golden dragons throughout the reels, the game is sure to be a definite hit amongst online casino players next year. Fresh feeling and undoubtedly fresh looking, Lucky Twins is certainly a game to look out for at your chosen casino online when it is released in January.

Peek a Boo

Also receiving full release in January 2016 is a game that has ghosts and ghouls at its heart. Peek a Boo may have a child like name, but this is certainly a game for adults. 40-paylines are plastered across the reels, it features the 1,024 ways to win framework, which makes this game extra special. From a design perspective, the game is a bright and bold affair, with it featuring everything from electric ray guns to ghost meters.

Dragon Dance and Bikini Party

As January comes to an end, Microgaming has some special treats in store. This is because they have two games all set for dual release. Bikini Party and Dragon Dance are all set to appease players who are looking for slots action as Valentines Day draws near. The former of the two games definitely is the more adult of the two, as it features bikini-clad beauties battling it out on a beach volleyball court. Don’t be confused by this games lady-laden appearance, as its base game comes packed with features. Re-spins, scatters, and plenty else will likey make this game a casino online favorite, and one to try when it hits the shelves. While far less provocative in approach Dragon Dance is a game that plays out in a similar fashion, so there is also plenty expected of it.

Bigger and Better

2015 was one of the strongest in the history of casino online and players have Microgaming to thank for that. Microgaming flew the flag for online casino games in 2015 and judging by what’s in store in 2016, they are surely looking to continue that trend. For more information on what players can expect from Microgaming next year, keep an online casino portal bookmarked in your browser.

Yggdrasil Gaming rises to the occasion with new features

Every online casino game developer worth their salt wants to be number one, but there is only room at the top of the industry for a select few names. In recent times, there is one name in particular that is making a break for the top. Yggdrasil Gaming has emerged as a key presence amongst the almost-rans in the world of online casino game development. While they may not have the same financial backing as they likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech, but they are making just as much noise with their latest exploits.

The game collection is expanding with a key new title; on top of that Yggdrasil Gaming are also introducing brand new tournament features. Exciting players worldwide, here is a little peak at what casino players could be getting stuck into in the very near future.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

When Arthur Conan Doyle penned the tales of Sherlock Holmes, it is doubtful that he himself could have envisioned how far and how well the character would travel. Taking inspiration from the book series Yggdrasil Gaming have come up with Holmes and the Stolen Stones, a brand new online slot game that comes complete with a selection of local progressive jackpots. It is safe to say that Holmes and the Stolen Stones certainly isn’t the first Sherlock Holmes inspired online slot game, but it certainly has all the credentials to be one of the best.

The key features within Holmes and the Stolen Stone are the Shard Collection and the Jackpot Free Spin games. These make up the two major bonus elements within the title and offer up increased chances to win some major prizes. Each online casino that chooses to adopt the game will have the choice of joining a local progressive network prize pool or operate an independent progressive jackpot. Either way, major jackpots are guaranteed. Speaking on the launch of Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Yggdrasil Gaming Fredrik Elmqvist said, “This game is the traditional Sherlock Holmes adventure, expect with a few twists and turns along the way”.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones has already paid out some substantial wins to players in Europe – which you can read more about in our previous blog. If you’d like to try it out, make sure you visit MrCasinon.com in order to find a good bonus casino to play it at.

Automated Tournament Play

If there could be one criticism of Yggdrasil Gaming it would be that it hasn’t quite embraced tournament play, but that is all about to change. Ramping up the degree of promotional aspects available, they are introducing a brand new automated raffle and tournament features. The goal is to introduce more competition and through a leader board setup it could very well do just that.

Aptly named Boost, the new elements will increase the degree of in-game functionality for players. What is truly unique about the new service is that it does away with the need for manual operators when it comes to tournament running and creation. It is evident that ‘Gamification’ is a key to how Yggdrasil Gaming is set to progress in the years to come. Speaking on its introduction Elmqvist said. “The introduction of automated tournament play is key to how we see the company growing. We are know all about gamification, so getting this automated feature off the ground is very important”.

When you look at all that Yggdrasil Gaming is doing, it becomes clear that they are creating a stern portfolio of products. New games, increased gamification, and the tried and tested Super Free Spins function, are helping make Yggdrasil Gaming a developer that is clearly destined for the top of the industry.

LeoVegas player wins big jackpot in bizarre setting

From time to time a story appears through an online casino portal that just makes you laugh. As of late it seems like more and more stories of this type have managed to do the rounds, with the latest one probably ranking as the most bizarre of all. The news coming out of LeoVegas is that not only has one of the online casino’s major jackpots fallen, but also that it has been won in a rather odd setting.

While it sounds too funny to be true, the latest LeoVegas win happened while a player was sitting on the toiler. It has been said that the porcelain gods were shining down on this lucky player from Sweden, as this iPad user picked up a cool win while “relieving himself”. Everyone knows that people happily spin the reels when in the bathroom, so it is great hear about this loyal LeoVegas being so honest about where his biggest ever win emerged from.

Straight from Stockholm

The latest player to claim a major LeoVegas jackpot is Emilio, a player from Stockholm, Sweden. He says that he is a devoted iPad player, who couldn’t help but laugh when he recounted the story of his massive win. In total he claimed €36,846, when speaking on the win he said, “This is going to sound totally ridiculous but I’m just going to come out and say it, I won the jackpot while sitting on the toilet”. It seems that Emilio has definitely found the humour within his win, “I had a bad meal the night before and figured that the throne room would be my home for most of the day, so I decided to spin the reels while I was in there and I’m certainly glad that I did”.

Thanks Sherlock

It was Mr Holmes & the Stolen Stones that proved to be the winning game for Emilio, as his €53 bet took him straight to the mega jackpot. He recounts his game session almost move for move, “Even when the diamonds started to rack up I never actually thought that I would go onto win anything. Generally I just play for fun, so when the jackpot symbol flashed up I was dumbfounded. It was an almighty shock, I started shaking, as I honestly didn’t know what to do”. By all accounts the win gave him some rush of adrenaline, which may have just sorted out his dodgy stomach.

No Joke

Apparently Emilio wasn’t immediately convinced that what was happening was real, “I honestly thought it was some kind of joke or a promotional video that was designed to tempt me to play another type of games”. He said that it was only when the money landed in his account and a LeoVegas rep called him to confirm that he knew the jackpot was real. What Emlio’s win proves is that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are playing, if your luck is in then slot games can be a very rewarding venture.

Roar with LeoVegas

If you have ever thought that mobile casino gaming was a fad, LeoVegas and players like Emilio have proved that such isn’t the case. LeoVegas has received top ratings at casino review sites such as sverigescasinon.net, and has probably paid out more big wins than any other casino in the recent two years – So maybe it’s time to try them out for yourself next time you need to go to the restroom?